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"It's part of the reason people don't initiate across racial lines."Lewis finds the strongest within-race contact among Asians and the weakest among whites.

However, if someone of a different race contacts an Asian woman, she is more likely to contact another non-Asian.

“Thirty years later, around the late 1980s, the mid 1990s, we began to notice a dramatic change,” Iyengar says.

“More than 25 percent now say that they would be troubled by the prospect of their offspring marrying outside the party. If you look at marriage across party lines today, it's extremely infrequent.

She was blonde, thin, big-bosomed, and even had a Germanic name.

“And the biggest ‘reversals’ are observed among groups that display the greatest tendency towards in-group bias, and also when a person is being contacted by someone from a different racial background for the first time.” RELATED: CNN’s Sally Kohn Finds the Racism Angle in Huckabee’s ‘Libido’ Comment Lewis says that the study primarily reveals that people who have been taught to expect discrimination anticipate rejection and are therefore more likely to self-segregate.

But this instinct is often overcome if a person of another race reaches out first.

The study of heterosexual interactions in the online dating forum OKCupid, authored by Kevin Lewis, found that most users were likely to reach out to potential partners across racial lines or reciprocate cross-racial contact.

“The tendency to initiate contact within one’s own race, the study observes, is strongest among Asians and Indians and weakest among whites,” a press release on the study read.

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