Wpf binding not updating propertychanged dating commando com

Calling increment updates the model properly, and directly incrementing the Count property as shown in the code also works just fine.

The problem here, is that the Property Changed event handler never seems to get added to. the same instance that's being used as the Window's Data Context.

The Program object is not connected at initial load so you will have to rebind to a loaded object after because otherwise no notifications can be send.

When the app starts up, everything is peachy, the label even initially displays whatever value is in the Count property of the model.

I also have a Dependency Property "DPB" on my View Model that is bound to B in code with a very simple binding (new Binding("A. Now I have three Text Boxes in my view: On first run, both A. Can anyone tell me why or how to change this behaviour? Dependency Object works with Freezables correctly, so next example does what you need.

Now I’d recently refactored the code so this particular View Model wasn’t using the base class, so my first instinct was that I’d simply mistyped the property name magic string in the event – but that was all fine.

Yesterday I was working on a small prototype, which I will be blogging about shortly, and ran across the common problem of my bindings not updating.

A very common problem, and one that’s usually a very simple fix once you’ve tracked it down.

Here's an example: The first place you will want to look is the Visual Studio Output window.

It should be at the bottom of your Visual Studio window, or you can activate it by using the [Ctrl Alt O] shortcut.

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