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The absent Alex (Edward Holcroft) turns out, of course, to have secrets; he’s the owner of a room of pain that may have been planted, in order to discredit him, by those who made Alex disappear. But watching him learn to open locked doors is remarkable. It asks what it takes to be a player in the spy game, and what it means to be gay in a world that would rather one weren’t—Danny’s one ally is a former spook (a brilliant Jim Broadbent) whose career was ruined by homophobia.Imagine: you’re coming off another rough night out and you bump into a jogger—a very good-looking one. The survival instinct underpinning both is not so very different.After this classic meet-cute, you two end up dating—sure, he’s a little secretive but he’s so nice—until suddenly he disappears. For Danny (Ben Whishaw), the protagonist of BBC America’s five-part miniseries London Spy, the answer is: investigate. Danny is out of his depth at first: even at her most delusional, Homeland’s Carrie Mathison would frown on his credulity.While David is doing this as a means of survival to not be turned into his animal of choice (a lobster, of course), it’s easy to reflect on the things that I’ve done to convince myself about my chemistry with another person.

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Reilly) and one with a limp (Ben Whishaw is bitingly sharp about the way it pinpoints our ways of latching onto arbitrary traits or morphing ourselves to find the “right” partner.

There’s us, sitting in some dimly lit bar where you quoted me the Yelp review (“the perogies and the broccoli poutine are fantastic”), penile Edison bulbs looming overhead.

There’s me, thinking if I have to go on one more Tinder date, I am going to gnaw my own fucking arm off.

Perhaps the management just takes a hard line on the theft of its little shampoos and its teeny-weeny soaps.

In the world presented by the film, anyone without a life partner will end up at this hotel.

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