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“The annual general assembly of AWF in 2016 accepted our proposal and awarded us the right to host 19th Youth, 24th junior women’s and 31st Junior Men’s Asian Weightlifting Championships.” The youth section will see lifters aged 13-17 and junior will include lifter from 15 to 20 years of age.According to Parth Sarathi Sen Gupta, the general secretary of NWA, the organisers were expecting participation from 28 countries with 16 already giving confirmation.The tournament, officially sanctioned by Asian Weightlifting Federation (AWF), will feature events in youth and junior sections in both men’s and women’s categories, NWA said on Thursday.“The championships is the biggest and prestigious event to be organized by Nepal,” said Ratan Kumar Tandon, the NWA President. 17-20, 2018 Where: Listing of sites Admission: When: Friday-Saturday, Feb.

You might be wondering why a fitness date is more fun than a typical activity like meeting for coffee.

Sweatt is a dating app that allows users to answer questions about their fitness regimen, then matches them with men or women who have similar lifestyle, fitness, and wellness preferences.

The app has an algorithm that matches you with someone who leads a comparable lifestyle.

If you and a potential match both like each other, conversations can start flowing. Single Fit is an app that not only factors your interests in to finding the best match, it uses location and health tracker data from things like your Apple Health Kit, Fitbit, or Microsoft Band to really personalize the process.

When you find a match, you can live video chat, sort of like a speed date that gives you a feel for each other's personality before you commit to meeting in person. True Swolemates, as they say, "is the only social networking dating website for finding your true lifting and life partner." If you're into Cross Fit or bodybuilding, this is the perfect option.

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