Trivia dating sydney

We also want to ensure that everyone involved with the event, thoroughly enjoys their time spent in our presence.

Whether that be one of our legendary trivia nights, speed dating events, corporate hosted events, gaming nights or much much more.

Australia is believed to be the world’s oldest landmass, fittingly inhabited by the oldest surviving culture in the world, the Indigenous people.

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5) The Sydney Tower was the tallest structure when it opened in 1981, and still is the second tallest freestanding structure in all of Australia at 1,001 feet over the Sydney CBD.

As far as European settlement goes, Sydney’s dates back the longest of any Australian city (closely followed by Hobart), as the First Fleet unceremoniously settled it in 1788.

Equally fascinating are the ancient origins of the land.

Speed dating is a fun, friendly and easy way to meet new like-minded singles in your area.

At one of our speed dating events, you will date up to 14 singles in one night!

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