Phoenix firmware updating failed

The auto-rotation recovery mode is not in a range that can arm the ESC now.NOTE: Clearing Phoenix Ice & Ice HV data log Power your controller up with your TX & RX on and set to full throttle.

This is the case if you update a Delight CFW to a higher release, check the related informations in every Delight CFW release post.

Even if you fail to re-install the firmware with this Nokia Suite method or there is no option available for re-installing the firmware, you can always go for unofficial way for re-installing / flashing the firmware with Phoenix.

In this post we have discussed in detail both official and non-official ways.

Some time you have seen that some bugs are there in your mobile like your mobiles calculator is not running properly or browser not opening etc.

it may some problem in your firmware and can be solved by updating or reinstalling your firmware.

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