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When breastfeeding, inevitably the topic of weaning comes up. As both evolve and grow throughout the relationship, so do ideas about weaning.

” “Are you going to nurse until baby is ready to stop? ” The answers to these questions (except the last one! Breastfeeding is a relationship between two people - mother and baby.

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Though the child may ultimately decide when the breastfeeding relationship is over, this does not mean the mother sits by passively.

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Q: The pictures that Annette Benning's character puts by the bedside at the end of the story.... Karen (Annette Bening) is an embittered nurse who many years earlier gave up her daughter for adoption.

The daughter (Naomi Watts) is now grown up and calling herself Elizabeth, working in a law firm headed by the upstanding Paul (Samuel L. Meanwhile, baker Lucy (Kerry Washington) and her husband Joseph (David Ramsey) are looking to adopt.

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