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"I'd not been for years, but then I was with a partner who was sensitive and who listened."One of the great things about Sex and the City was that it addressed sexuality with humour. it's about the journey." American dancer and film actress Hayworth famously said she had the same problem, claiming her lovers were disappointed to wake up beside her and not her iconic film persona.Quipped Cattrall, "You would think so, but men like to think that they know it all, especially in that department." PHOTOS: Find out how much the clothes cost in Sex and the City 2 "They don't?" joked De Generes, who married longtime girlfriend Portia de Rossi in 2008. star, 54, told Ellen De Generes on an episode of her show airing Friday.PHOTOS: SATC ladies from the 80s Acknowledging that playing such a hyper sexualized character scares away some suitors, Cattrall, who divorced third husband Mark Levinson in 2004, added, "Writing a book about the female orgasm didn't help my dating career either." PHOTOS: The ladies of Sex and the City The daytime talker, 53, said she thought Cattrall's book, S, might actually be an aide when it comes to luring in the lads.At the same time her domestic life is collapsing around her.Of course Linda is no saint – she’s flawed, narcissistic.

She reprised the role in the films Sex and the City (2008) and Sex and the City 2 (2010).“I’m getting better; I’ve learnt to listen well,” she said.“You know within three seconds if you’re going to have a history with someone – it’s a long half-hour if you’ve got it wrong.” The star has been married three times before, to Larry Davis, Andre J.At 11 she returned to England when her grandmother became ill.She took a number of acting examinations with the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), before returning to Canada at age 16 to finish high school.

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