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Think you’re going to use the i Phone as an i Pod with your fancy aftermarket headphones? But is this a missed moneymaking opportunity for Apple, or a sign of hidden secret just beyond the horizon? In fact, it supports the ultra-high-quality Apple Lossless audio format, so it’s more than likely someone will want to plug in a set of 0 earbuds from Ultimate Ears or Shure to hear all that sparkly musical goodness. For some reason, Apple decided to set the headphone jack so deeply into the i Phone’s body that many high-end headphones won’t fit in the jack even though it’s a standard eighth-inch plug.

But it also an i Pod, and as such, it should be satisfying to listen to even if it doesn’t replace your regular ol’ i Pod.

Let's dive in and look at some of the best free apps for securely chatting with your friends, family, staff, and clients.

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Sometimes you need to chat about a subject and you can't chance the information getting into the wrong hands.

But Apple isn’t making any extra money off this design. I put in a call to Apple’s PR team asking why the company might have designed the i Phone with such an inconvenient headphone jack, figuring I’d get no response as the team prepared for the product’s launch.

Group Video Chats Setting up group video chats with your friends has never been easier.

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Regardless of you need to ensure a secure conversation, the bigger question is "How do you go about it?

" Fortunately, you don't have to install an encryption engine, type your text, encrypt it, and copy and paste the encrypted message into the chat app (although you do that).

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