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Preference that I doubt is ever given to widowed women when they date.Everyone deserves love, but everyone also deserves the right partner and to be taken seriously enough that they can be seen for who they are.

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Like all usual things,,,,cinema, theatre, love musicals. Love to play crazy golf, go for walks, good conversation being a gemini and fave food out chinese esp duck and...It seems like it would be easier than "cleaning up" one's grief for the dating market or dealing with divorced men (about whom we can be quite judgmental). Dating is -- for many of us, at many times -- a numbers game. and the clearest idea of who you are (not JUST widowed) and the most critical perspective on who you're considering to share your life. a widower is just another man to be considered for his own merits and flaws.We get misty eyed thinking that this widower would understand the troubles we've seen and that there would be so much less guilt involved in the new relationship. I'm suggesting that widowed women are more susceptible to this, but Abel's column (and the other Dating a Widower sources) tell me that widowers are getting the same kind of affirmative action from single and divorced women in the marketplace. His loss is no more romantic than yours, after all. don't make yourself MORE vulnerable by dating someone who you feel is owed any special treatment.

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