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She smiled and said I had gained a very bad reputation among our circles.

She said I was a great friend and she was sure I'm a great father, son and brother as well but that I'm no good for women.

“We were in this guy’s bedroom and all I could think about were the terrible square-toe shoes he had worn to dinner,” recalls a Parisian fashion consultant friend, shuddering over her glass of Sancerre, while claiming that the memory had served as a mental impediment to their brewing connection.

I would think that this was ridiculous—something as superficial as shoes, ruining a romantic evening?!

I heard her make the comment the other day "my parents always find out everything, it is so annoying". We were leery of her dating him to begin with and should have put a stop to it immediately, but because her behavior has been so much better, we did not. In fact, she is only allowed to see him when she is supervised.

—if I myself had not recently had a traumatic experience on London’s Tube, wherein my otherwise handsome, intelligent date picked up his foot, pulled at the partially detached sole of his deteriorating (albeit not square-toe) oxford, and proclaimed: “Time for some new shoes!

” (For the record, I’m fairly certain that my ability to bite my tongue at that instant could qualify me for international diplomacy.)We are adult women.

We are experiencing some more difficulty at the moment and my husband and I are confused on how to handle the situation and would like your opinion. My daughter was disrespectful at home and at school.

I will try to explain the situation as briefly as possible. She had social problems at school and was involved in some fighting. This year our relationships at home have improved greatly.

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