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Donna Sue Groves had a dream to someday honor her mother with a large painting on their barn of her mother's passion, quilting. The Ohio Star can be found at Lewis Mountain Herbs & Everlasting. That one beautiful dream has now lead to more than the planned 21 quilt squares, throughout Adams County and beyond! Leaving the village of Manchester go East 6 miles to the intersection of Rt.

We pride ourselves in continuing the tradition of sharing old time radio show with both young and old radio listeners with free daily downloads.If there is enough demand I will scan and upload the entire thing. (web source) (Web Source) Since Kustoms are so iconic, there is a ton of information on the web regarding these artifacts and their very colorful and storied creator Bud Ross. Other important pieces of early American history commonly referred to as Americana are of special interest as well.The antiques we seek include figural cast iron antiques, rare examples of vintage mechanical kitchen antiques, early vintage office antiques, antique electrical devices including fans and open frame or Bi-polar electric motors, scientific related antiques and more.

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