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I also watched some sentais like Fiveman, and Jetman. Ever since I was little, I watched a lot of oldies, like DBZ, Bt' X and Yu Yu Hakusho.But when Quill discovers the true power of the orb and the menace it poses to the cosmos, he must rally his ragtag rivals for a last, desperate stand with the galaxy's fate in the balance.---- A continuation of the previous thread, where you can discuss, speculate, post the latest info, interviews, trailers, and anything related to the film.These inner thoughts would never lie and always tell the truth, and would sometimes overwhelm the poor boy.After being abandoned by his parents and raised by his grandmother who also had this ability, Kazuma learned to live his daily life by shutting himself apart from all his peers and refusing to associate with anyone. While there’s definitely my fault in this delay of finishing and writing reviews, I also want to place at least a portion of the blame on generic titles which I was simply not interested in or annoyed me to the point I put it off.Instead, I found myself going to doujin titles, games (admittedly, I played roughly 10-15 doujin titles between the last review and this one), and MMOs instead of galge, which is like one certain friend who went down this path (although for other platforms) much earlier than I.

it's irrelevant to try to threaten and/or attempt to be seen as imposing. Plaguing the Internet with EVERYTHING Five Night's at Freddy's related. They care more about four FICTIONAL kids that were murdered in a video game than anything else in the real world Foxy isn't a "good guy" or a "bad guy" because HE'S NOT REAL. - Mumbizz01 Even though I like the games, the fandom is so perverted!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to expand into the cosmos and it all starts with Guardians of The Galaxy!

I hope its good and I hope its budget was reasonable enough that it doesn't bomb. Its such an unknown property to the general public and coupled with its August release date there is no way it does even remotely as well as other Marvel studio's movies.

The local TV showed different anime dubbed and I watched them before studying. The shows were limited when we switched cables so I slowly drifted away from anime. At first I only read manga because I watched FMA(original) and heard that the manga was different.

The anime that I really liked before was Gundam Wing. Then I read more manga like Rosario Vampire and Ichigo100%.

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